Plastic coated foam pads 1700/PC

These positioning aids are made from high quality polyester foam with a water-resistant polyurethane coating.

Product details

  • Helps setting up the patient for examination of therapy.
  • The skin-friendly covering prevents contaminates from penetrating the surface of the foam, which is easily wiped clean.

Note: Edge shadows may be seen on some radiographs particularly at low kV values

Wedge small 45: 1700/PC-A  (w) 8.5 cm, (h) 8.5 cm, (l) 20 cm

Wedge 15: 1700/PC-B  (w) 25 cm, (h) 7 cm, (l) 20 cm

Wedge large 45: 1700/PC-C  (w) 18 cm, (h) 18 cm, (l) 20 cm

Block: 1700/PC-D  (w) 25 cm, (h) 7 cm, (l) 20 cm

Round pad: 1700/PC-M  (w) 20 cm diameter x 5 cm thick

Ring: 1700/PC-G  (w) 25 cm diameter x 5 cm thick

Cylinder: 1700/PC-L  (w) 35 cm diameter x 25 cm long

Supine head mould: 1700/PC-F  (w) 20 cm, (h) 10 cm, (l) 25 cm

Small baby mould: 1700/PCN1  (w) 25 cm, (h) 12 cm, (l) 40 cm

Large baby mould: 1700/PCN2  (w) 35 cm, (h) 12 cm, (l) 53 cm

Set of 7 Foam Shapes: 1700/SET/PC/7


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