Height adjustable flexible mobile shield Model 314/05-01

This shield, model 314/05-01, is suitable for patient or practitioner with a single flexible & adjustable protective curtain.

Product details

Compact shield which can be used to provide protection to patient or practitioner. Height adjustment is spring assisted between 85 cm - 120 cm for ease of use. A telescopic column supports a flexible 60 cm high x 70 cm wide 0.5mm Pb curtain which can be locked at any height. 

Mobile panel is height adjustable with spring assistance.

  • Height range: 85 cm to 120 cm.
  • Single flexible panel model is 70 cm wide x 60 cm high.
  • Base footprint: 56 cm x 56 cm
  • Lead equivalent: 0.5 mm

Single curtain model: 314/05-01
Twin curtain model: 314/05-02