Lower body x-ray shield 312/E-022 (with fold-down top)

Table mounted shield with integrated accessory rail & 57cm wide fold-down top shield

Product details

This lower body shield substantially reduces exposure to scatter radiation emanating from the table or patient’s body. The shield comprises a lightweight and durable structure, with enhanced friction maintaining middle link and pivotal arm supporting a flexible lead curtain. Optional semi-flexible top shields (both 27 cm wide) provide additional protection to the upper body.


  • The shield easily mounts to either side of the table allowing the pivotal arm to always face the head end.
  • A 51 cm wide attachment bracket slides onto a 25mm high tableside accessory rail (maximum 11mm thick). The securing handle position allows the shield to overhang the rail end and be repositioned further along the table if required.
  • A 57 cm wide top shield can be quickly folded downwards to ease patient transfer and access.
  • Equipment controls can be mounted on the large integrated rail and grouped with others close by on the adjacent tableside rail.

312/E-022 is complete with 10 mm thick integrated accessory rail
312/E-022/8 is complete with 7.7 mm thick integrated accessory rail