Radiologists / Cardiologists who perform diagnostic or therapeutic interventional radiology may receive relatively high radiation doses from scattered X-rays. Specifically designed protective devices, such as ceiling-suspended lead acrylic glass shields used in combination with table-mounted lower body shields and lightweight protective clothing, are now available and significantly reduce radiation exposure. The risk of injuries induced by occupational exposure is well documented and numerous studies have been undertaken covering the benefits of using suitable protective shields. Tests based on 5 hours per week fluoroscopy time during DSA procedures have demonstrated that annual dosages without protection could amount to 250 millisievert (mSv) to the head and lens of the eye, 400 mSv to the upper arm and 600 mSv to the hands. With suitable shields the annual dosage fell to 5 mSv, 8 mSv and 15 mSv respectively. Kenex X-ray shielding systems minimise risk due to scatter radiation to the head, the eyes, the thyroid, upper body and extremities. They are simple to use and provide a safe working zone. Kenex can provide the solutions but it's your choice whether or not to demand the most suitable working environment.

Quality & approvals

Good practice and efficient operating systems in both design and manufacture, result in products of the highest quality. Kenex (Electro-Medical) Limited has quality assurance approvals to ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 for the design and manufacture of medical products. The company's products also carry the CE mark and comply with appropriate EC Directives. LytaType protective apparel conform to the regulations of CE marking and the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (PPE) for the design and manufacture of x-ray protective clothing. LytaType aprons and thyroid collars comply with the requirements of BS EN 61331-3:2014 and BS EN 13402-32013. They include lead (Pb) vinyl material tested for use with a 50 to 150 kV range of x-ray tube voltages, as specified in BS EN 61331-1:2014.


Notified body: SGS UK Ltd, England BS22 OWA. Identification number CE0120.