LytaType cross back apron 909/911

Excellent design transfers weight from the shoulders to the hips. Elasticated flaps fasten at the sides.

Product details

LytaType cross back apron: model 909

  • Possibly the most comfortable apron available.
  • Excellent body hugging design where weight is transferred from shoulders to hips.
  • Elastic panels built into the wide VELCRO® side flaps provide support, yet allow complete freedom of movement.
  • The enlarged 0.25 mm Pb equivalent area at the back gives balance and protection.
  • To adjust for size simply pull the two side flaps to the most comfortable position and secure in place with the VELCRO® fastening at the front.

LytaType cross back apron: model 911

  • Similar to model 909 but has an elasticated front fastening belt.
  • Measurements: Same as model 909.


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