Lower body x-ray shield 312/E-013 (with patented collision tolerant pivotal arm)

92 cm wide with a double friction joint, two piece collision resilient shield with a 57 cm lift-off top.

Product details

This lower body shield substantially reduces exposure to scatter radiation emanating from the table or patient’s body. The shield comprises a lightweight and durable structure, with enhanced friction maintaining middle link and pivotal arm supporting a flexible lead curtain. A unique patented mechanism enables the pivotal arm to move up when in collision with C-arm equipment. A 57 cm wide top shield can be quickly removed to ease patient transfer and access. Additional optional semi-flexible top shields can be added to provide greater protection to the upper body.


  • The shield easily mounts to either side of the table allowing the pivotal arm to always face the head end.
  • double-jointed pivotal arm supporting a 70 cm high 0.5 mm lead equivalent flexible protective curtain.
  • The pivotal arm and curtain can move up when a C-arm is in contact from below.
  • The curtain can move laterally close to the tableside or swivel away to form a protective wing.
  • A 57 cm wide lift - off top provides additional upper body protection.
  • A 29 cm wide attachment bracket slides onto a 25 mm high or 29 mm high tableside accessory rail (max. 11 mm thick).
  • The heavy duty middle link has an automatic wear adjustment facility ensuring accurate joint friction which prevents unwanted curtain movement even when the table is tilted in any direction.
  • The curtains flexible inner layer is bonded to its outer covering which results in an extremely strong, supple and easy to clean curtain. As the protective layer is not suspended separately in a cover (bag), it cannot tear or fall away inside unnoticed.

Two piece collision resilient shield with a 57 cm lift-off top: 312/E-013